How does Google determine domain age?

Posted by 28 October, 2010 (2) Comment

First of all, I would like to apologize to all my readers for not updating my blog for a very long time.

I had recently gone through a video in Google WebmasterHelp where Matt Cutts answered for a question on determining domain age. This is something most SEO experts would be aware but still I feel it is worth sharing coz still few feel that it is whois data that is considered for domain age.

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Sphinn Voting System Shut! – Does it Make Sense?

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Danny Sullivan, one of the great SEO’s out there and the admin of Sphinn – the forum, discussion and networking site for Search Engine Marketing professionals announced today that the voting system in Sphinn will be turned off in a week or so. The announcement is getting both positive and negative reactions from SEOs around. But the majority of the reaction is negative as expected.
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India Search Summit 2010 Recap Day 1

Posted by 30 August, 2010 (1) Comment

India Search Summit 2010 is now over and I felt it is important to recap the entire event with its pros and cons. This year it was completely different and there was a huge response from the webmasters, almost 200+ entries through online and few spot registrations too. I was a bit late for the event on Day 1 and the moment I went Welcome Address was presented by Ezhil Raja, one of the key organizers of the event.

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Google Caches the Cached Pages – Another Google Failure!

Posted by 21 April, 2010 (3) Comment

Few days before there were reports from webmasterworld and SERoundtable that Google started using instead of IP address for the website/ webpage cached URLs. When I read the news I tried but could not replicate the same in my browser ( But few days ago, I too spotted being used instead of the IP address along with a strange part included.

When I explored further I found that Google also indexed and cached the pages inside This link would give you better picture on whats being discussed. The below screenshot will give you more idea,
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