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My name is Raghavan Parthasarathy and I’m a full time SEO professional. Back in the year 2006 I have learnt about Search Engine Optimization which was my final semester project. I have successfully completed the project in Best Net Craft where I was later recruited as a Trainee. From then on it is keywords, meta tags, rankings……. all the way. Currently I’m working as a Team Leader, Search Engine Marketing in Dot Com Infoway which has helped me come up this long way which includes a successful certification in SEO, Speaker – Searchcamp 2007 on the topic “Converting visitors into customers”.  I excel in marketing ecommerce website where I have a proven track record of achieving successful results.
The idea in writing this blog is nothing but to share my practical search engine marketing knowledge with common bloggers, webmasters and laymen.

Why ThatsSEO?

This site is dedicated to help webmasters, bloggers and others learn the skills of search engine optimization and internet marketing. This blog will provide you essential tips on search engine optimization which will help you increase the visibility of your website in search engines and improve your business.
If you would like to know more on ThatsSEO, please get in touch with me.