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Posted by 17 January, 2013

With the launch of Facebook Graph Search, we have started our analysis to find ways or factors that influence results in the page. Even though, the product hasn’t been launched completely, Facebook has given key insights for marketers on possible factors that might influence the results.

Before we review the factors, let us understand how Graph Search works,

People can search for restaurants or hotels near them, hotels in places they want to travel to, photos posted by Pages they like, or games that their friends like to play. The search returns suggestions including people, pages, groups etc. In some cases, the search can trigger web search results powered by Bing which does include Bing ads. Adding to this, pages and apps can still use sponsored results too.

Facebook Graph Search

Search impact was explained clearly by Ryan Tate of Forbes as,

After searching for “Restaurants my friends who live in Berkeley, California have been to,” it occurred to me I had never liked the Facebook page of my own favorite Berkeley restaurant, so I went ahead and did that. A similar query for “Bars in New York, New York my friends have liked” prompted more liking, this time for Bay Area dives and cocktail bars.

Now the results as explained by the author suggest that the search takes to you appropriate business pages/places which makes you like the page. As a result, the search does increase quality fans for the pages. This redefines the way we use Share, Like and other features in Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg during his launch clearly indicated that once the platform proves to be sufficiently high quality for users, Facebook will start exploring advertising options which will be their next step.
As a business owner/page manger it is important that you concentrate on the below factors of your page,

  • The name, category, vanity URL, and information you share in the “About” section all help people find your business and should be shared on Facebook.
  • If you have a location or a local place Page, update your address to make sure you can appear as a result when someone is searching for a specific location.
  • Improve your fan base and user engagement in the page.

This is going to be completely different from the regular search engine optimization techniques since it isn’t links here. As we get used to it, I’m sure we will be able to find ways to gain visibility in search results.

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