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Google Search Localization URL Parameters Explained

Posted by 30 October, 2010 (0) Comment

Google search has useful URL parameters to find/restrict results based on location. Adding the parameters to end of the URL string might help you get more specific search results.

Ann Smarty posted Google Search URL Parameters – Query String Anatomy however in this post I have only explained the localization URL parameters.

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How does Google determine domain age?

Posted by 28 October, 2010 (2) Comment

First of all, I would like to apologize to all my readers for not updating my blog for a very long time.

I had recently gone through a video in Google WebmasterHelp where Matt Cutts answered for a question on determining domain age. This is something most SEO experts would be aware but still I feel it is worth sharing coz still few feel that it is whois data that is considered for domain age.

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