India Search Summit 2010 Recap Day 1

Posted by 30 August, 2010

India Search Summit 2010 is now over and I felt it is important to recap the entire event with its pros and cons. This year it was completely different and there was a huge response from the webmasters, almost 200+ entries through online and few spot registrations too. I was a bit late for the event on Day 1 and the moment I went Welcome Address was presented by Ezhil Raja, one of the key organizers of the event.

The next session was supposed to be taken by Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm but it was “Ecommerce Optimization”. Let us see in detail on this session,

Ecommerce Optimization: It was uniquely presented by the speaker with an example of an hospital website (not sure if it is a perfect example of ecommerce :) ). I suppose there wasn’t any recommendation on the process to improve the conversion, product page examples, configuring goal paths, recommended CMS… I remember covering similar topic on SearchCamp 2007 where I did focus on all these and discussed about the expected conversion % too. There was some good question thrown at the speaker who wasn’t able to answer. Keeping it aside, there were questions including What is BreadCrumbs Navigation, its importance etc.

The next session was by Rajiv Dingra on “The Evolution & Revolution of Social Media in India”, sadly I didn’t concentrate much on this coz busy with other works so couldn’t this portion in this. Hope the speaker had a good response from the audience.

Then comes the much awaited session by Raghavendra Satish on “How to create compelling content that sells crazy?” The moment the speaker was introduced by the host Kiruba, it was a standing ovation for the speaker – not because he is visually challenged but for his confidence and he was already an inspirational for all the audience.

The session was really good and he had a commanding voice that made the audience listen to his speech. The speaker suggested the fellow content writers on how to quickly come up with a compelling content, he quoted “R & D = Ripoff & Duplicate”. This means that ripoff content from other website and duplicate it with your words but ensure that you pass the credibility to the owner by a link back to him. He did suggest to Ripoff after sending an email to the author not sure if this is conveyed to the audience.

Nothing much to cover about the next session except that a person from the audience shared a great info that Facebook is moving towards iFrames instead of FBML. I have started losing my interest in the event from the event as there wasn’t any useful session.

Suddenly there was a buzz in Twitter #ISS2010 and it was for a tweet from narayanh “Gentleman sitting next to me snoring away to glory! LOL!” supposed to be the pic of the day :)

The last session for the day was SiteClinic by Shiva Purohit, Suresh and Sorav Jain. Sadly, no one from the audience volunteered to present their site so the panel chose, there were few recommendations on title etc. Now entered Ashwin Ramesh and Balaji to question the panel on how they conduct siteclinic and what is the procedure they follow? Finally, Kiruba ended the conversation by asking them to be a part of the panel. Then it was SEOmoz site clinic that was shared and followed.

My verdict on Day 1 is

“Not much information”

Day 2 Recap Coming Soon…..

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September 17, 2010

Would be really interesting going to one of these conferences – Was there a big sell on outsourcing seo products and gear? These presenters sound like they were worshipped …would be funny to see …go the geeks taking over the world

Posted by Courier Au
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