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Reputation Management – Prevention is Better Than Cure

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Reputation management is one of the areas that is getting pretty hot in the online community management space. As the competition is getting higher there are chances that you / your company would fall in the danger of negative reputation. Even Whitehouse website has fallen in this trick so called “Miserable Failure”. We must have spends years together to create the positive and the good reputation / online visibility and with single bad review everything will go in vain.

Negative reputation will never stand within search engine result pages. This continues with blogs, forums, social media, videos (You Tube) etc. We need to keep monitoring to avoid situation running out of hand. We can monitor company / product / key persons (Individuals) with tools like Google Alert, Yahoo Alert, RSS Subscription for search results in Technorati, Google News, Yahoo News etc.

If you suppose to find any negative mention for your company / product / yourself, here are a few basic steps to deal with it:

  • Research the situation – is there any attribute or merit?
  • If not, provide the original facts and ask for explanations
  • If yes, then offer to discuss with open mind
  • Be ready to respond with your own blog / forum
  • Be honest and be ready to listen to the comments

When I think about all these, I just remember one idioms, “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Implementing a proactive monitoring campaign always helps rather than answering or researching the situation. Have you ever encountered such brand / reputation problem? I will be eager to listen what tactics you have implemented to come out of that. Do share!

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Google Analytics Code Updated – Asynchronous Tracking Overview

Posted by 3 February, 2010 (2) Comment

Google Analytics has introduced its latest tracking version termed as “Asynchronous Tracking Code”. Unlike a traditional installation, asynchronous tracking optimizes how browsers load ga.js so its impact on user experience is minimized. It allows you to add the snippet in the top of section section itself which will not delay the down the loading of the details in the page. The following snippet is the revised version of the existing code,

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2010 SEMMY Winners Announced

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SEMMY is an annual awards event honoring the best articles and blog posts from the search engine marketing industry. The judges for the event includes Aaron Wall of SEO book, Rand Fishkin – SEOMOz, Micheal Gray, Barry Schwartz and many other top search marketing professionals. The nomination category and the winners are,

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Twitter Camp Madurai 2010

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The first twitter event for the year 2010 is finally announced by Dot Com Infoway. They have decided to host the TwitterCamp in Madurai, India. Normally we don’t see such event organized in small town and this seems to be a good start for twitter enthusiast in Madurai.

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