Search MeetUp Bangalore 2009 – Round Up

Posted by 1 November, 2009

The first ever Search Meetup that took place on Friday, October 30, 2009 in Bangalore which was hosted by Crederity & Digital Marketers is an interactive session with Gillian Muessig (SEOmom). The event kicked off with an introductory among the participants and a small SEO tip session due to the delay by speaker to the event. If you think you had missed a great tip I would say ‘No’ it is again the old SEO story “Content is the King” that came from most of the participants. With few tips going on a sudden shift to this is the entry of the SEOmom to the event.

SEOmom is the CEO & Cofounder of SEOmoz and if you had guessed that she is the mom of Rand Fishkin then you are right. The discussion is started with few details on the importance of escrow in credit card transaction (Nothing more on SEO to start with) this is because of the technical problem with the presentation and the arrangements.

She has initiated the technical aspects on the session with a small comparison between SEO and PPC. It is SEO that had the upper hand in the comparison along with the conversion and then the real tips came in when she had explained the importance of the landing page optimization but sad that only a couple of audience are aware of the topic itself :( The tips include,

  • Usage of the trust pics like Verisign etc must be placed in the right side that increase the credibility
  • The research states that usage of the button with rounded corner with red color and black text with “Buy Now” has increased the conversion to 14% than any other combination. She was quick to say that “Add to Cart” or any such isn’t useful rather than “Buy Now”.
  • It is better to have a fewer steps in the checkout process rather a long story which would result in losing your customer.
  • Subdomain Vs Subdirectory – Go with sub directory and use sub domain only if you have different language.

I suddenly saw tweets on Google PR update so missed out on few other tips but will share with you once I get the presentation document. Then when I rejoined it was Q & A where she has said that in Web 3.0 there would 1000 TLDs which make things complex when it comes to reputation management. Then it was Mobile Optimization, Mobile Apps Marketing etc that was projected to be in Web 3.0. The importance of Link Baiting and the decreasing importance of H1 tags where also few other points that was added by the speaker.

SEOmom was surrounded by SEOs with more questions even during the break and she had distributed some SEOmoz stickers for the participants and you can see it one down in the photogallery. Finally the technical issue on the presentation and the lightings etc came good so she went back and gave a quick round up with the presentation.

Apart from the tips, Q&A etc that was discussed in the event the vital point that was putforth by SEOmom was that the Indians provide SEO for cheap cost which needs to be priced higher than what is being currently done. In my point of view, yes I do agree with that and there isn’t any big arguement on this but it is very important that we don’t provide cheap SEO.

“If you pay peanuts you get monkeys” :)

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November 1, 2009

Cool roundup on the event Raghavan! With the points discussed above, I am not much worried about myself not able to make up to the event! :) :(

Posted by Mercy Livi
November 2, 2009

What does that SEOmoz sticker mean, any idea? Anyhow it looks pretty awful. Good critical sum-up of the meet.

Posted by Kolammal Shankar
November 4, 2009

Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

Posted by Kouba
November 4, 2009

@Kols – It was just a promotional sticker and nothing more than that.

Posted by raghavan8in
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