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ThatsSEO’s First Anniversary

Posted by 28 November, 2009 (9) Comment

Today, November 28, 2009 ThatsSEO has successfully stepped into its second year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for stopping by our site. It was a good first year where we had wonderful posts and have received excellent feedback. We would like to thank all our blog commenters which has actually motivated us to come up with more post.

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7 Secrets to Make Your SEO Clients Happy

Posted by 19 November, 2009 (2) Comment

Success of every business comes from the satisfaction of the customer. As we all involve ourself in SE Optimization / Marketing process it’s vital to get satisfaction from the clients. By setting the proper propositions right from the start in the project you can easily create and manage a successful SEO project. This even applies for the people those who run in-house SEO campaigns, through which you can make your Boss / CEO happy with the SEO campaign results. Lets discuss few things which can be done with due plan and implementation which makes the clients happy!

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Any Form of Paid Links = SPAM by Google

Posted by 4 November, 2009 (6) Comment

It is a well known fact that Google considers paid links as SPAM and website’s PageRank were penalized few years back for paid links. With this there was various consideration in getting paid links that experts used to share that the links shouldn’t be named as sponsored/paid links so that crawlers can identify and similar conditions.

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Search MeetUp Bangalore 2009 – Round Up

Posted by 1 November, 2009 (4) Comment

The first ever Search Meetup that took place on Friday, October 30, 2009 in Bangalore which was hosted by Crederity & Digital Marketers is an interactive session with Gillian Muessig (SEOmom). The event kicked off with an introductory among the participants and a small SEO tip session due to the delay by speaker to the event. If you think you had missed a great tip I would say ‘No’ it is again the old SEO story “Content is the King” that came from most of the participants. With few tips going on a sudden shift to this is the entry of the SEOmom to the event.

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