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Google Confused with Google Place Pages

Posted by 30 September, 2009 (2) Comment

Google recently announced a significant thing in Google Maps called “Place pages”. Google Place pages will provide single page for each place in the world. This page will have the information including website info, directions, reviews, additional information, street view etc. And quite interestingly Google started pulling information from many sources and not just yelp thus making Google Maps as a serious competitor for the website Yelp.

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HTTP Status Codes and Search Engines

Posted by 16 September, 2009 (0) Comment

Server Status code are the number values of the HTTP request. It is important to understand the different server status code that will be useful in the SEO perspective and how search engines bots react to the same.

Before getting into the server status codes it is important to understand the difference between HTTP /1.0 and HTTP/ 1.1 protocols. The HTTP/1.0 protocol has been stunningly successful and as a measure of its popularity, HTTP accounted for about 75% of Internet backbone traffic. In spite of its success, however, HTTP/1.0 is widely understood to have numerous flaws. To overcome the flaws in HTTP/1.0 the HTTP-Working Group (HTTP-WG) developed an improved protocol, known as HTTP/1.1. This specification states the various requirements for clients, proxies, servers and later became an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Draft Standard. The server status code tends to differ based on the version of the HTTP.

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