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Google Adds Expand and Collapse Button for Show Options in SERP

Posted by 22 July, 2009 (2) Comment

Google is the search engine that often updates its SERP with more features on a regular basis even a small change is a big update in the industry. Adding to this update, I would like to add that today when searching I suddenly noticed that a small addition of the Expand and Collapse button for the “Show Options” link. Please refer to the below screenshot,

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Website Audit: SEO Measurable Parameters – Part 1

Posted by 20 July, 2009 (3) Comment

Converting a lead is never an easy job with no 100% guaranteed results and even if you guarantee people will come up with a link saying that “No one can guarantee results” how come you? But still the industry is getting more and more clients with great potential. If you are thinking of an industry that would best match with above phrases, yes you are right it is SEO industry.

I have decided to write a series of post explaining what are the measurable parameters in a SEO process that a client can review to better understand whether the process is going in the right direction or not. This post would feature various reports that a client can expect/request from an optimizer to better monitor the performance.

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SEO and Website Structure – Define Value of Proposition

Posted by 12 July, 2009 (0) Comment

Both humans and search engine crawlers are alike and both need a structured and well planned website with clear internal links for them to follow and reach the deep level. Getting your website listed in top SERP will not do any trick and your inner pages should be easily accessible from your home page / landing page. Keeping things simple would make easier for bots and users.

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