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Google Recognizing Contact and Social Networking Information Explained

Posted by 15 June, 2009 (3) Comment

With Google introducing its Rich Snippet format last month giving convenient summary information about the search results at a glance supporting product reviews and people. Iā€™m sure we have started noticing these changes in Google search engine result pages.

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Google Maps Updated Quality Guidelines

Posted by 1 June, 2009 (1) Comment

Today Google rolled out some major changes in the quality guidelines of Google maps. Clearly business titles are the biggest area where people tend to stuff their keyword and try to outrank other competitors in onebox as well as in local search. Also creating muplitiple listing is a growing concern in Local Search Industry. I have mentioned about Local SEO Spam about few weeks earlier here in ThatsSEO. Today Google came out with a intereting list of revised quality guidelines.

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