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Influence of IP address in SEO

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When we discuss about IP address and SEO, the first thing that strikes us is bad neighbourhood, dedicated Vs shared IP etc. I have decided to revisit all aspects of IP address in regards to SEO.

In Web Hosting: Once you have decided to finalize a hosting company for the website the first thing that you need to do is to request for the IP address/range that will be allocated for the website. Why do you need it? What you do with it?

Not every hosting company will give you the details of the IP before you complete the registration and the payment procedures. You require an IP address for the website to ensure that it is not blacklisted. I have already covered IP address blacklist in 10 Essential Pre SEO checklists for Site Analysis post which requires you to check the IP using the blacklist checker tool.

Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP: The next thing that you would do is to decide whether to go with a Shared IP or a Dedicated IP. If you have decided with a dedicated IP then repeat the above process again. In case of a shared IP ensure that you check your neighbours without fail. How you do it?

There are various online tools for reverse IP, the one that I would prefer is MyIPNeighbors. Another simple tool for the process is to use ip: Live Search advanced operators. Just give ip:xx.xx.xx.xx in Live Search and you will get the list of website associated with your IP. This should give you detailed information about your neighbours based on which you can decide.

This is a controversial topic in SEO since different webmasters have different thoughts. There isn’t any conclusive evidence that a website hosted in shared IP will perform better `than in dedicated IP or vice versa. The only disadvantage that I see in a dedicated IP is its operating cost and nothing else.

Static Vs Dynamic IP: Search Engine spiders can effectively crawl websites with static IPs with HTML 1 as it will be able to resolve the address immediately. However for websites with dynamic IPs it will try parsing the websites with HTML 2, 3 and 4 until it resolves the address for the specific sites. This can take up to 3 months to happen. In the meantime it will use the IP of the main site on this IP, often times the hosts site. It will come back until its able to find your specific IP. During this period of 1-3 months, any links that you build to your site that is found by Google, will get credited NOT to your site, but to the main root site on the shared IP, often times your host site. To avoid any such complications always go with Static IP for your websites. For more details on this topic please refer Why using Static IP is beneficial – by Google Engineer.

In Canonical Issue: In some cases a website with www version will point to a different IP to that of a non www version. Here search engines treat the either of the version as a backlink to the other. So redirecting the non-www version alone doesn’t resolve the issue. Ensure that individual pages are redirected to their destination properly.

C block IPs: This would lead to a confusion on what a c-block IP in hosting and in SEO perspective. In networking Class C IP will ranges from to any IP within this range is termed as Class C IP.

In SEO, a C Class IP is the number in the third block AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD here “CCC” is the C-block IP. Google tend to assume that websites linked with in same IP are related. Let us consider two websites A and B

  • IP address of A –
  • IP address of B –

From the above IPs Google is likely to consider that the websites are related. Now with this webmasters have started requesting backlinks from different C block IP. I would say Class C is not the only thing that Google use to relate websites.

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Google not Good Enough in Controlling Local Map Spam

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Google Map Spam? – What would give you a call about this? Google map is the single most powerful marketing tool for the small business owners and some companies are taking mislead and spamming all over Google Map. This act of black hat technique has been identified by many bloggers and blogged now and then from 2008 and Google claims that they take regular measures and such activities would be taken care of. But it is not the case. Are they good enough in controlling the Local Map Spam?

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More than One Classic Sitelink in Single SERP

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Recently Google started displaying classic sitelinks instead of traditional sitelines that appears to four lines in two columns. And to my surprise I have noticed more than one classic site links being displayed in a search engine result page. I provided a sample screenshot below.

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