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Posted by 24 March, 2009

This is the second part of my series of post on SEO documentation followed Pre SEO Site Analysis Report Template.

The result of a successful SEO campaign is often measured by conversions that generate through organic search results by keyword rankings and we inform the same through SEO ranking reports sent on a weekly/monthly/bi-monthly basis.

I have prepared a simple SEO keyword ranking report template using Excel which can be used to maintain the keyword ranking report from the month 1 onwards.

Click the below link to download

On reviewing the report you can find the details of ranking report for the major three search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Live. In the ranking section you will notice that I have split the details in to three separate columns for each month as Page, Position and Rank.

  • Page: The search engine result page where your domain is ranking for the keyword.
  • Position: The position at which the keyword is ranking within that page.
  • Rank: The actual rank position for the keyword. I have used the below formula,
    Rank = [(Page – 1) * n] + Position

    where, n = maximum number of results per page

    Ex: Page = 3, n=10, Position=5
    Rank = 25

    Note: The maximum search result per page is 10.

An important point that you need to add to the report is a disclaimer which explains the variation in the keyword rank position.

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May 28, 2009

Thanks a million. FYI in case you didn’t know you are at the top of Google for “seo report template”. Probably no traffic but me from that but hey. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing this report with us. I am not going to use this per say but I am going to incorporate everything in it into a more complex report. I will come back and post a link to it when I am done. Thanks again.

November 27, 2009

Hi Raghavan, thanks for great info.
One question: Why is it important enough to mention the position at which the keyword is ranking within a page. Is it not much easier and less confusing to only mention the ranking position?
Almost nobody will look further than page one.

Posted by Wouter
November 28, 2009

Hi Wouter, Of course I understand that it is much easier to directly mention the ranking of the keyword but normally a user wouldn't understand it that easily which is why I have defined it in-depth. For a client it is important to show the monthly improvement of the keyword ranking so you need to mention the ranking even if it is after page one. The post is targeted towards SEO clients.

Posted by raghavan8in
March 26, 2010

Hi Raghavan,

Thanks for the template..

I have never seriously marked my keywords… i think now its very important to keep a data and check the results.

Thanks for information

Posted by James
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