Google India SearchMasters 2009 Round Up

Posted by 28 February, 2009

The moment I completed my registration and was on my way to the conference hall, I was welcomed by a Googler Ms. Jayashree whom I have immediately recognized meeting her in the SearchCamp 2007. We had pretty long conversation on our previous meet and she was quick to recognize me in the event

Welcome Note: The event kicked off with a welcome note by Vivaik Bharadwaaj – The Manager Search Quality evaluation team for India and Korea. It was good see his presentation about the current trends in India and explaining why the event was organized. The presentation featured about the percentage of the internet users in India and the increase in Mobile Internet usage.

Webmaster Central Best Practices: The next session was the one that everyone of us was waiting for. It was from Adam Lasnik – Search Evangelist. The presentation feature more about the webmaster central best practices where all features of the webmaster central was explained. The best part of the session was Q & A with the presenter which lasted for at least 30 Mins with questions pouring round the corner. Some of the questions that I remember was about the duplicate content issue raised by a blogger and more about competitor penalizing your website and how Google handles these kinds of issue.

Google Webmaster Help Forum: Followed by the session from Adam, it was Google Webmaster Help Forum session by Koti Ivaturi – Search Quality team. Koti was one of the two Google guides from India on Google webmaster forum. The presentation featured the importance of the forum and some info on Google Webmaster Help Bionic Posters. The session ended soon with less questions

Site Clinic and Matts Intro: The next session was the Site Clinic where Adam Lasnik and Google reviewed sites selected from the Site Clinic Box. Before the session started there was video welcome note by Matt Cutts. The first site was and various suggestions on the website was given. Followed by a receipe website. Sorry I don’t recollect the URL.

Google Custom Search Engine: One among the best presenter in the event handled the next session which was about Google Custom Search Engine by Rajat Mukherjee. Presentation included more on using the Google CSE and its importance. The Q & A included more on tracking the keywords in the Google CSE which was answered later by Deepak Kumar in the Google Analytics Session.

Building Mobile Friendly Sites: Post lunch session started with Building Mobile Friendly websites from Ankit Gupta. The session was too vague which was my personal comment and I wasn’t there for most of the session so couldn’t cover much about it

Google Analytics and Website Optimizer: The last session was about Google Analytics and Website Optimizer by Deepak Kumar. The session was supposed to be presented by Dinesh Jain and Deepak Kumar but unfortunately Dinesh couldn’t make it and it was Deepak all the way. The presentation featured mainly about Google Analytics basics and abou some advanced features on Custom Reporting, Adsense Integration, Google CSE etc. The Q & A lasted for a long time which included more on applying filters for excluding traffic. This was a good session

Q & A and Quiz: Finally it was big Q & A session where Adam Lasnik all the questions posted in Google Moderator by the participants and quiz from Googlers. That was pretty funny sessions with all answers shouted by the audience and Googlers couldn’t figure out individuals to hand over the gifts.

Closing Note: The event ended with closing note from Adam Lasnik and there was question raised from a participant on the next event from Google. It was answered by one of the Googler that it will be in the near future and planning to conduct more on analytics session.

Thanks to Google for coming up with SearchMasters Conference in India

Coming Soon – Google India SearchMasters 2009 Photos

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February 28, 2009

Good piece of round up! :)

Posted by Mercy Livi
February 28, 2009

I also attended the sessions. But, I guess what was involved in the presentations was mainly focused to the rookies. It would have been great if they would have involved more tips and other strategies to implement. I really liked the Mobile websites session by Ankit Gupta.

I agree, the Q&A was great. If we had more of Q&A then it would have been great.

The site which you missed for the Site Clinic is The guy from that website, was worried about the site being hacked and I guess he found the solution to solve the problem. I am not sure if Googlers have given him the solution.

I am unable to come to SearchCamp and would love to hear the Q&A and session round-up there.

Cheers and thanks,

Posted by Aashish Malve
March 1, 2009

Good round up
I really enjoyed this article. I have visited first time but now I visit regularly.

Posted by Brain
March 2, 2009

It was good. Nice to meet you.

Posted by AjiNIMC
March 3, 2009

it’s amazing thing that people are going to attend this kind of meet ups and sessions and to make it interactive

Posted by Anand
March 3, 2009

@Aashish – I agree with your comments that it was for rookie but it is good be in Google.

@Brian – Thank you :)

@AjiNIMC – Nice to meet you too

Posted by Raghavan
March 5, 2009

hi raghavan,

i was not happy with answer provided by adam for my duplicate content issue

anyways hope google will improve their search algorithm for finding who’s is genuine content

Posted by kumar
March 6, 2009

I’m not sure on that but I can certainly help you. Please let me know your concern.

Posted by Raghavan
March 7, 2009

Hey i think good piece of round up….at that time i attended Searchcamp in chennai..It was amezing…

Posted by Bharath
March 12, 2009

Good account what all went there. I suggest that you make a post in a lighter vein, you know, the kind of jitters one has when one enters such a meet, the food the serve, the ambiance etc..etc..

This is just a suggestion which would be as interesting as a break from the serious SEO stuff.

Posted by Kols
March 16, 2009

Thats a good suggestion kols will add that from the next time :)

Posted by Raghavan
March 31, 2009

I think I put it under a wrong post … .. I covered it here …

Posted by AjiNIMC
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