Pre SEO Site Analysis Report Template

Posted by 15 January, 2009

After my post on 10 Essential Pre SEO checklists for website analysis, I thought it is better to share the template with my readers which will help them to document and also send it to their clients if needed.

You can find the template in the below link,
Pre SEO Analysis Report Template

The template features a table structure with all the necessary details for the Pre SEO site analysis in the report format. In addition I have also added reference and suggestion section as I felt will be useful for your customers.

Reference: This section defines the technical terms which will help your customers to understand what it means.

Notes and Suggestion: Here I suggest you to list all the necessary actions that you would take addressing the above table.

Share your thoughts and suggestions on the document

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January 17, 2009

You mean the keywords in the homepage?

Posted by Raghavan
January 17, 2009

can’t we use top keyword ranking for the page??

Posted by Vinoth
January 17, 2009

no, the keywords for which the site ranks good…whatever page it might!!!

Posted by vinoth
January 22, 2009

I want to know how to find IP Neighbors, Blacklist IP, Cloaking and Doorway Pages information, please help me.

Posted by Yanchu
January 29, 2009

IP Neighbors and Blacklist IP read my previous article on Pre SEO Site Analysis Checklist. You can find cloaking and doorway using search engine cache for web page comparing with the page.

Posted by Raghavan
April 1, 2009

gr8 info thks for sharing ;-)

Posted by Prateesh
March 3, 2010

it all depends from compnay to company… and its requirements.. i have found companies to be finicky smtimes

Posted by apple ipad
March 26, 2010

Thanks for the template…

Was badly looking for one..

Posted by James
August 2, 2010

Thanks for the template. Its really helpful for me to compile a better report.

Keep posting the material like this

Posted by Escort Web Design
August 16, 2010

Great Share..

Posted by Diljeet
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