Google Rolls Out Expandable Ads in Adsense Network

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Google introduced expandable ads in the year 2009, a new type of ads that appear in your page.  These are rich media ads which expands from its original size following user action like Hover. The ads feature YouTube videos like a movie trailer, interactive ads or items for sale etc.

Publishers earn based on whether the expandable ads on the site are priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Keep in mind that you’ll generate earnings from CPC expandable ads when a user visits the advertiser’s landing page, and not when a user simply clicks to expand the ad.

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Facebook Graph Search Optimization Factors

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With the launch of Facebook Graph Search, we have started our analysis to find ways or factors that influence results in the page. Even though, the product hasn’t been launched completely, Facebook has given key insights for marketers on possible factors that might influence the results.

Before we review the factors, let us understand how Graph Search works,

People can search for restaurants or hotels near them, hotels in places they want to travel to, photos posted by Pages they like, or games that their friends like to play. The search returns suggestions including people, pages, groups etc. In some cases, the search can trigger web search results powered by Bing which does include Bing ads. Adding to this, pages and apps can still use sponsored results too.

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De-indexing Robots.txt from Google Search Results

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Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013!

Ever noticed your robots.txt file appears in search results? Well, not until I found robots.txt for a search query. This followed with multiple queries in Google search results to find if it is a common scenario for all website. Fortunately, only few results listed robots.txt but not all. Here is a screenshot,

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Google Search Localization URL Parameters Explained

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Google search has useful URL parameters to find/restrict results based on location. Adding the parameters to end of the URL string might help you get more specific search results.

Ann Smarty posted Google Search URL Parameters – Query String Anatomy however in this post I have only explained the localization URL parameters.

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